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2M Architecture

As an Architect, the highest recommendation you can give is to bring in a Contractor to a second project. Over the years, we have had such success with Tapia Construction & Restoration, that we've brought them in again and again. As a family operation, Dave sets the tone by making you understand that he's not just building your house, but building a lifelong relationship. Their unique way of the budget accounting is quite helpful in shaping the project during Design and very flexible during Construction. Dave is also a real "Builder's builder" as he gives as much attention to the craft of building the structure as he does to his exacting finish work. Great team players, excellent builders and a joy to work with, what more can I say!

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Jana Magginetti Interior Design

My team and I have had the pleasure of working on several projects with Tapia C & R and we recommend them highly. Their team is very professional, always looking out for the best outcome for the project, and they have a can do attitude. Whenever we ask them to do what we think might be the impossible they find a way to make it all work. They communicate well and want to work as a team...always trying to find the best way to make the design concept become a reality. We love to collaborate on ideas with them for each project. Their finished product is well constructed and of high quality. We look forward to working with Tapia C & R on many projects in the future.

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We worked with Dave Tapia & team on a basement buildout in San Mateo. He was professional. On budget. Great crew. Salt of the earth kind of guy. Loved his business model. He's a great guy, hires great crew, could not have been happier - and I was pregnant with our 3rd child at the time! Highly recommend.

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We're so happy with our new kitchen!! Thank you Tapia Construction and Restoration for giving life to the dream I had in my head. It's just the perfect space for our family. Cooking in here was actually fun last night and wine just tastes better here! 

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Dave and family are amazing! My wife and I had been planning and dreaming about a renovation to our 1,100 Sq. Ft bungalow in RWC for almost 12 years. We thought we had a plan that would work, but 3 contractors in a row gave us bids that killed the project. Dave was last on this list, and when I told him we could not move forward, he suggested an alternate plan at a cost that would work. He was the only one to try and think outside of the box. This did require an architectural overhaul of our plans and we asked our current architect to help. After a couple rounds of new plans where the cost was still too high, Dave suggested we talk to 2M Architecture. Well 2M made all the difference and came up with an amazing plan that solved the one major challenge of our project. At this point the costs lined up and the project was ready to go. I can't say enough good things about Dave and everyone at Tapia Construction. If it were not for Dave and crew, we would still be a family of four living in a tiny 1 bath bungalow. Thanks Tapia Construction!

Jennifer Schulte

Larson Family

Christine Walker